Thursday, September 2, 2010


These are the camouflages. Sorry there are no descriptions but it was hard to get everything written down when everyone there is wanting a chance to play.



Cody Olsom said...

That is alot of camo lol but nice

Anonymous said...

is that list in order of unlocks?

Anonymous said...

nice set of cammo:p i like how there alot to choose from

Anonymous said...

there is no order you buy everything

Dan said...

Wait a second...if you read down the first letter of each one, like an acrostic, you get dironsetbwsuwf...and if you rearrange those, it spells "Tuber Finds Wows." Does this mean grenade launchers are going to be overpowered? I knew it!1!!!!11!!!!1!one!1!!

Also, it spells "Web Swords Unfit." Is this some sort of personal insult?!!?

EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY! A lie is a lie is a lie! Now gimme a public beta because I want one!

Anonymous said...

Dan, where did you get letter "U"?

Anonymous said...

LOL dan it means nothing :p and also i agree with ^ where did you find the u? ... what you just said is invalid

Pyrino said...

Hey, mind if I ask a quick question? What was your opinion on some of the more technical aspects of the game? Was the hit detection good? Were the hitboxes for headshots and such pretty realistic?

Morgan said...

It was very good. Granted, I prefer hardcore modes over core and we only got to play core and it was much better than I expected.

Pyrino said...

Another question your way. I work for a gaming site that covers MW2, Black Ops, and a lot of other modern shooters. We have a community of around 13,000 members, and I know we are dying to hear more about Black Ops. Would you be willing to answer a list of questions we send your way about the experience? It would be an interview of sorts, and we would link your twitter/blog on the forums. Just click my name for a link to the site. Thanks :)

Morgan said...

I don't see that being an issue. Send me an @ reply on twitter and I'll dm you the info to send it all to me. I won't be able to answer them until later though. Gotta go to work!

Kid CaSsh said... camo isn't jus a basic perk like in world at war?? It's more of a outfit you acquire??

TimFromWales said...

These always looked good but they affected your ability to collect ammo from fallen friends/foe.

Anonymous said...

I <3 the "Dusty" camo on all of my weapons. Thanks, and I guess MARPAT and ACU weren't around in the 60's. :(

That's what MW2 is for, the "Modern" stuff. :D

Jason said...

Oh yeah, and can I send you a friend invite? :D Blister1972

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