Sunday, June 13, 2010

E3 Hits Los Angeles This Week

E3 hits L.A. this week with the actual event being June 15-17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It's sure to be a big event this year. There are tons of exhibitors and a lot of announcements being made this coming week. I know that I'm interested in finding out what is to come.

Activision is kicking off the week on Monday night with an invite only event about which a lot of rumors are going around. As we all know Call of Duty: Black Ops comes out this year so I'm sure they'll be giving us a little bit more information about what we will see. The rumors are that there is going to be a big ticket performer that night. I've read a lot of names and a rather large dollar amount thrown out there about what will actually happen that night at the Staples Center. How big is this really going to be? What could they possibly be doing there? It definitely makes you wonder, especially with it being invite only.

Project Natal is another thing to look forward to at E3. Xbox gamers saw the video about it on the dashboard last June and have been waiting ever since to find out when it will become available and for how much. Tonight is the actual premier for Project Natal and according to Major Nelson "MTV records it. Plays it back Tuesday. It is NOT available LIVE via stream, etc." This is rather disappointing for anyone not attending the event, but, rest assured you'll hear about it because Major Nelson also said "And yes, I'll be tweeting from it will want to be watching my tweets." Well, I will certainly be checking Twitter tonight to see what he has to say, along with a lot of other people.

There will be tons of things to hear and see during E3 and parties afterwards to attend. I'll be tweeting out news and posting here this week. This is sure to be an enlightening week!


Telixion said...

Sounds exciting. Who's hosting these parties?

Morgan said...

Kotaku hosted one tonight. Machinima is hosting one, Activision is tomorrow night, amongst others. Should be great for those who were unable to attend E3 who will be in the L.A. area this week!

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