Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weapons--You asked, I deliver

MP5K, Skorpion, MAC11, AK74u, Uzi, PM63, MPL, Spectre

Enfield, M14, Famas, Galil, AUG, FN FAL, AK47, Commando

Olympia, Stakeout, SPAS

HK21, RPK, M60

Sniper Rifles--
Dragunov, WA2000, L96A1

Now, these are the ones that were unlocked for us to see. There are a couple more I was unable to see.


Bane said...

Thankyou!!! I love you so much, please have my babies!

Some additional details for you :)

PISTOLS. ASP. M1911. Makarov. Python

EQUIPMENT - Camera Spike. C4. TI. Jammer. Motion Sensor. Claymore

Tactical Grenades - Willy Pete, Nova Gas, Flash Bang, Concussion, Decoy - Willy Pete is smoke

Lethal - Tomahawk, Frag, Semtex.

Launchers - M72. RPG. Strela. China Lake

Sover17 said...

How did you get to try the beta?

Anonymous said...

"How did you get to try the beta?"

Lulz at above comment ^^^

Anonymous said...

I want Zombie news!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Enfield as an assault weapon? Does this mean we can use a bolt-action with iron sights ALA world at war? That'd be sick!

Anonymous said...

Anything on the FN FAL? Still Semi-Auto or what?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, apparently the enfield is just another auto sniper (L85/L86), and the FN FAL is semi-auto just as in MW2. I'm guessing it will have less recoil and less damage than the M14.

Anonymous said...

^Meant auto assault rifle, not auto sniper.

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